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DYNTAR Sauna & wellness

About saunas

Thanks to twenty-five-year experience in development, production and installation of wellness equipment, our employees are able to find a solution almost for whatever premises, no matter whether it is a public facility, a hotel or client’s private premises in a single-family house or in a block of flats.

Our complex assortment includes saunas and infrared saunas for private and public applications, interior (standalone or built-in ones) and exterior cabins, which could be a sufficient accessory for outdoor swimming pools and a decoration of gardens. Our collection also contains steam baths and whirlpool baths.

What are infrared saunas?

Infrared saunas (professionally: infrared diathermic cabins) help to protect your health by warming-through your body, for example, before sport activities, massages, skin treatment or movement in cool environment. Infrared saunas perfectly warm-up your joints, muscles and the skin at temperature up to 60°C.

What are combined saunas?

Combined saunas harmonically embody unique features of a classic sauna and an infrared sauna. They dispose of both a classic sauna heater and an infrared technology (infrared radiant heaters). That’s why you can use them both for classic sweating cure and for quick preheating.

What are interior sauna cabins?

Interior sauna cabins are made-to-measure stand-alone, self-bearing sauna cabins manufactured according to your requirements and the roominess. They provide every comfort of home relaxation. They are designed for all active people, for which the sauna treatment is a part of their life.

What are public sauna cabins?

Public sauna cabins are used for commercial applications. Day-to-day operation of public saunas requires high-quality materials, used heaters and the fulfilment of the sauna itself. Because of that a very strong emphasis is placed on the quality of the project of these cabins. That’s why we cooperate with prominent designers, the knowledge of which together with long-term experience guarantee excellent operation of commercial saunas, as well as satisfaction of customers – sauna’s admirers.

What are steam baths?

Steam baths provide warm and wet bathing (Turkish baths), and this is its fundamental difference in comparison with a sauna. Thanks to a steam generator, steam baths generate water steam (100% air humidity) at moderate temperature from 30 to 50°C. It creates the environment, which significantly contributes to the entire human organism. A characterful appearance of the steam bath is reached with help of ceramic facing according to your choice.

What are outdoor sauna cabins

Outdoor sauna cabins (outdoor saunas) provide extraordinary experience from a sauna in the nature. Outdoor saunas can be an integral part of your garden, where you can select an unusual shape and design of the sauna, which respects surrounding build-up area. These are also self-bearing sauna cabins, which can contain a classic wooden heater as well.