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Cooling tub ROYAL

To ensure excellent and full enjoyment from sauna bathing, we recommend chilling in cooling tubs. This enjoyment is amplified by wooden sauna tubs. Used wood is well-proved material, which in this case is manually treated on the basis of traditional methods.

The sauna tub ROYAL is a first-class quality product. The tub contains a step-ladder, an overflow and an automatic discharge. The tub Royal is made of an exotic material, which originated from the Middle and the West Africa. Kambala wood is high-quality and homogenous timber with a proportioned fine structure. It is highly pressure-stable and is highly resistant. After the closing painting, a color shade of this wood fluctuates between the warm middle to dark brown.

The dominant of our tubs is high-quality treatment, stainless-steel striping hoops (as far as the tubs are situated in premises with changing air humidity, timber is contracted and shrank, or on the contrary the timber increases its dimensions). Each tub is equipped with a discharge hole and a system protecting against tub overfilling. The tub also contains a step-ladder and a seat for comfort sitting and easy climbing up.

Cooling tubs should be a part of each home or public wellness facility.

The cooling tub ROYAL has dimensions 100 x 79 x 130 cm, (h-d-w), and a capacity of 470 l.

We carefully select our coopery suppliers and only use well-proved producers with traditions. Tradition method are continuously used at production, and thanks to feeling for details, they reach high-quality products. Surfaces of the wooden products are treated by priming painting, and beside of that, each from the wooden products is also 3x treated by cascading varnish. By this method, a faultless wooden protection is achieved.

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