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Relaxing infrared benches Diva and Kleopatra

Discover the most elegant form of thermo-therapy. Be carried away on a wave of relaxation of this top-quality product made from one piece of marble. Infrared energy (controlled by a thermostat; max. 41,5°C) comes from a treated ergonomically shaped marble (you can select from black or white marble or beige limestone). Type Diva is made of a combination of laminate in exclusive metallic varnish and manually treated ergonomically shaped marble. By simple pressing the actuator, you can also adjust the ideal position – the bench slope. Cover class IP54/IP65 enables using it in interior (including wet premises, for example, near a pool) and exterior.

Italian design and tradition in workmanship.

Fabio Alemanno newly defines a conception of "functional furniture", which creates a marble bench bringing overwhelming comfort and excellent therapeutic value. It is the first time that a new dimension of relaxation and luxury is offered in combination with a medically approved healing infrared heat power.

Amazing heated marble benches wipe down borders between the Spa Design and the home design. These benches are decoration of each room, no matter if in a luxury bath or in a privacy of your home.

Private relaxation. Just imagine a space illumined by candles, aroma of natural fragrant essences, silently playing relaxing music, and all of it is connected with penetration of infrared rays into your skin, calming your muscles and joints. Doesn’t it sound as a dream? By buying our top-quality product it is easily implemented!

Enterprise relaxation. For enterprises it is very important to preserve the most valuable, i.e. its own employees. It is similarly important to have employees, who are devoted and loyal to the company, and who manage stress situations even in tough times. But a constant stress dramatically decreases productiveness. So, each employer should be interested in indulging its employees a couple of minutes a day in our infrared bench in order to calm their aching fastened musculature, relax and ease, renew the harmony of their body and soul. Believe that your employees will sure appreciate it!

Weight 235 kg (Diva 190kg), dimensions l.1930 x w.680 x h.835mm, electric input 800W. The supply contains a cable (length 1,8m) with a plug for a 220V socket.

Warranty is 30 years for the heating system, 5 years for the thermostat, 5 years for the motor unit.


Since the earlier times, each particular organism on the Earth was depending on the sunlight. Our innovative infrared benches provide the same radiant regenerative heat without harmful light waves of the Sun.

How does it work?

Infrared therapy increases your comfort because of:

  • It supports deep relaxation and decrease the stress
  • It improves detoxify sweating produced with help of infrared heat, which contains approximately 20% of toxic matters in comparison with 3% in sweat produced as a result of exercising or other sources of heat therapies.
  • It provides a support of the immune system – stimulates a creation of blood-corpuscles, which help the body to fight against viruses and infections.
  • It accelerates recreation after injuring – infrared heat helps to release enzymes into the body, which increase releasing damaged tissues.
  • It reduces a pain of joints and stiffness – infrared heat penetrates deeply into the muscular and bone system, causing by this a quick relief from joints aching.
  • It improves the blood circulation and helps to decrease the blood pressure.
  • It helps at regulation of the weight / Infrared therapy lightly accelerates calories burning.
  • By rejuvenation of his/her skin through the infrared radiation, it helps to stimulate production of collagen and regeneration of the skin, and, as a result of it, the skin, its structure and flexibility are improved.

Sauna from Dyntar, Ltd.

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