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Sauna relaxing bench DYNTAR ORGANIC PLUS

Design: D-studio – own developmental and design department of the company

Description: Side walls are cut on CNC machines from one board (plywood 27 mm). The bench is equipped with massive rods (30 mm) from the timber of north spruce with the surface treatment with natural wax. The structure solution of the entire bench dissolves the design originality with the maximum functionality, and this all is with regard to the maximum ergonomics.

The relaxing benches DYNTAR ORGANIC PLUS are very popular among our customers mainly due to their excellent ergonomics. Elegance, harmony and ergonomics together with functionality always have a priority in our proposals. A correct position of the body during relaxation helps to reach splendid calmness and recreation.

Dimensions: 180 x 60 x 35 - 85 cm

"A good design is such design where the elegance is met with the functionality as a harmonic complex."

Sauna from Dyntar, Ltd.

Dyntar, Ltd. 12 reasons
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Original solution for your saunas

Maximun comfort for you during the whole realization

25 years experience in manufacturing saunas

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Guarantee of the latest technology

Guarantee of the unusual and modern design

Production of saunas only from the most exclusive materials

Individual approach to design, manufacturig and installation of your sauna

7 years warranty on saunas, infrared saunas and wellness equipment

Lifetime warranty on selected sauna components

Delivery and installation of saunas free of charge

Express customer servis and post-warranty servis

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