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Finnish sauna


The most preferred way to make your body warm. The profound effect on your body, lungs and all body organs is guaranteed as well as true relaxation of your body and mind. As a result your immune system is boosted and stress released not to mention effective protection of your respiratory system, detoxification of your body, repair of damaged neurons and many other benefits of sauna.

The temperatures between 80 –110°C are ideal to increase your core body heat. Intense heat is alternated with cooling in a shower or a cooling water bath. We recommend repeating this cycle at least two or three times. Don’t forget that the time spent in sauna is relevant to the time you spend in a room for relaxation. Taking your Finnish sauna can become part of your lifestyle and quality time you spend with your family and friends. The length of your stay in sauna is very individual depending on your actual need to relax and relieve your mind.

Finnish sauna from Dyntar, Ltd.

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