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Sauna cabin Vizio

Sauna VIZIO ranks with supreme quality saunas on the market thanks to its exceptional sauna cabin equipment. Interior of the cabin was designed by Ing. Šárka Finsterlová. Its interior space with organic lines allows comfortable and natural body positioning. We strongly believe that first quality holistic ergonomics of sauna interior has significant impact on your wellness and positive effects of sauna. VIZIO truly stands out for its state-of-the-art interior features to provide you with maximum comfort.

Sauna cabin VIZIO is produced in dimensions of 240 x 175 x 210 cm. It can be produced in variety of materials.


External dimensions: 2400 x 1750 x 2100 mm

Luxury saunas

Interior facing: thermoaspen/aspen


Exterior facing: thermoaspen/aspen

Sauna equipment

Interior equipment: ergonomic benches are made of specially bonded shell and 365 pc of rods of 3cm in diameter. ze speciálně slepené skořepiny a 365 ks tyčí o průměru 3 cm

Sauna stove

Heater: Herkules S60 - 9 kW

Sauna regulation

Regulation: Emotouch II


Equipment: RGB – LED strips, loud speakers

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