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DYNTAR Sauna & wellness

Sauna cabin Cuvio

Model line CUVIO from DYNTAR Design Studio presents saunas with special construction features utilizing large veneered boards enhancing construction flexibility. Combination of variety of materials mainly precious wood of more than 100 wood commodities and over 20 different surfaces and textures can be utilized for special projects. Classical – elegant, modern – elegant or just fine tuned for agreeable sensation. The veneered boards open a new range of design solutions for your personal sauna. They are formaldehyde-safe at high temperatures compared to classical wood boards. Model line CUVIO can be produced at any dimensions, material and equipment.


External dimensions: 2200 x 1700 - 2100 mm

Luxury saunas

Interior facing: panelling D (oak / aspen)


Exterior facing: panelling D (oak / aspen) D-panel (oak / aspen)

Sauna equipment

Interior equipment: 3 pc of benches, D – 02 / 08

Safe sauna

Door: type COMPACT GLASS- transparent glass/left, tempered safety glass, handle, stainless hinges, safety lock, magnet.

Sauna stove

Heater: HELO Rocher – 10,5 kW - Finnish stainless stove, possibility to water stones for bursts of steam -accumulation stones approx. 20 kg

Sauna regulation

Regulation: D-CONTROL multifunctional digital regulator. The display operates the length of sauna, internal temperature, intensity of illumination with optional colour-illumination, infra technology, user profiles such as temperature with illumination for men, women and children, daily or weekly timer.

Extra equipment:

  • STARLIT SKY – very pleasant illumination of sauna by 45 pc of LED diodes, optional setting with fluent change of colours or unremitting light according to your choice
  • Stone facing behind the stove RENDENA
  • Massive „sharp-edged” benches
  • DEXON – wall mounted player with an amplifier and a set of special loud speakers for humid interior – beside the amplifier class D with an output of 2x17 W, the set contains an FM tuner, Bluetooth for easy smartphone or tablet connection and the Mp3 player for playing recordings from USB. The whole set is enhanced by IR remote control. Part of audio set are loud speakers or humid interior with high temperatures- resistance. Magnet of the loudspeaker is sealed in a polypropylene membrane.

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