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Sauna cabin MAYO relaxation for your body and mind

Sauna cabin MAYO is tailored by our designer Jana Černá. Unique design with elegant finishing makes the sauna exceptional in the line of prime quality products. Naturalness of the shapes enable you to break free and unwind your senses. You are welcome to give it a try! Sauna MAYO is a unique proof of precise and top - class design. MAYO model is tailored to the needs of those who look for prime quality material processing and a professional design with a personal touch.

Sauna cabin MAYO is produced in dimensions of 200 x 125 x 220 cm with more variants of materials.


The cabin in the photograph:

External dimensions: 2000 x 1250 – 2250 mm

Luxury saunas

Interior facing: horizontal boards POPLAR


Exterior facing: PLYWOOD – acrylic green coat

Sauna equipment

Interior equipment: ergonomically shaped benches – combination of plywood and poplar wood topolového masivu

Safe sauna

Door: type GLASS PANEL – quality transparent glass/ tempered safety glass, handle, stainless hinges, safety lock, magnet madlo, nerezové panty, bezp. zámek magnet

Sauna stove

Heater: SAWO NS36 – 3,6 kW/400V Finnish stainless heater, possibility to water stones for bursts of steam - accumulation stones approx. 10kg polévání vodou - parních nárazů, akumulační kameny cca 10kg

Sauna regulation

Regulation: D-CONTROL multifunctional digital regulator with a touch screen


Illumination: embedded LED strip

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