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General trading conditions of company DYNTAR, Ltd.

These general trading conditions creates an integral part of a contract for work concluded between the ordering party (the Customer) and company DYNTAR, Ltd. (the Contractor).

  1. Signing the contract for work and implementation of the job order

    The Customer may conclude the job order with employees of the Commercial Department of company DYNTAR or with authorized sales brokers of company DYNTAR, who have a valid agreement on commercial representation. Before implementation of each Customer’s job order with mounting, there is carried out the measuring procedure, during which the final price of the job order may be clarified. The Customer is obliged to pay an advance payment in the amount of 50% from the total price till 5 days from the contract signing. In case the advance payment is not paid by the dead-line, the settlement day will be postponed, and that is by the number of days of delay and without a claim of the Customer on a penalty. The rest of the agreed price will be paid by the Customer to the Contractor in cash in the moment of taking-over the job, and it will be specified in the completion report. At the same time the operating instructions will be handed over to the Customer. Till the date of redemption of the total price, the job remains to be a property of the Contractor, and the Contractor has the right to confiscate it from the Customer. In case that some auxiliary works are to be performed in connection with mounting, the Customer is obliged to pay these auxiliary works in the full range.

  2. Mounting

    The Customer was acquainted with the conditions of mounting, and according to the contractual time schedule shall prepare the space for placement of the subject of the contract in accordance with these conditions of mounting and instructions of the Contractor. In case of violation of this condition, the dead-line of mounting will be adequately postponed without a claim of the Customer on a penalty. As far as the dimensions of the space for placement of the subject of the contract are changed, the Customer is obliged to announce to the Contractor about this change at latest 21 days before the dead-line of mounting. In case of violation of this condition, this dead-line will be automatically postponed by 21 days from the date of announcement, or from the detection of the real state. If during mounting of the job our technician found out that the space for mounting is not prepared according to the contract for work and the product cannot be mounted from this reason, then the auxiliary costs related to modification of the product or the space will be invoiced to the Customer or a person responsible for the space measuring or preparation. The dead-line of mounting may be influenced by different facts, such as a non-paid advance payment, or unfulfilled construction preparedness.

    The additional costs are to be invoiced with the tariff for work 350,- Kč per hour, and for transportation 10,- Kč per 1 kilometer. The transportation is invoiced from the company’s head-quarter to the Customer and back.

    Wooden products of company DYNTAR are made from solid wood, that’s why it is not possible to guarantee a similar wood colorfulness and a pattern on all surfaces.

  3. VAT

    Provided the Customer wants to apply the reduced VAT rate, he/she has to meet conditions for using the reduced VAT rate according to law No. 261/2007 Sb. In proof of this declaration he/she shall present documents to the Contractor on the date of signing this contract, which demonstrates his/her ownership and the form of usage of the object, in which the subject of the work has to be installed (for example, a statement from the Real Estate Cadaster). These documents have to be presented on the date of signing this contract; otherwise the work will be implemented with using the basic VAT rate. In case that conditions for using the reduced VAT rate according to law No. 235/2004Sb and law No. 302/2008Sb are changed, the ordering party is obliged to inform immediately the Contractor about this fact and pay additionally an appropriate difference in the VAT rate, including penalty fees.

  4. Warranty

    According to this Contract, the Contractor provides to the Customer an extended warranty with the duration of 84 months from the date of takeover and acceptance of the properly competed job by the Customer, and as a confirmation of the agreed warranty period, the Contractor shall issue and handover a warranty certificate to the Customer upon the acceptation of the job. This extended warranty is not valid for parts which are subject to ordinary wear and tear, such as electric lamps, a lighting cover, heating coils, pumps and connecting hoses, hoses of the flavorings pump (steam generators) and commutating elements for regulation, the warranty for which is provided for the period of 6 months. Unless otherwise stated, the standard warranty for the period of 24 months from the selling date is provided for all supplied sauna accessories, cooling tubs, sauna furniture, and electric technology in general.

    For the duration of warranty, the Contractor shall remove free of charge all defects that occurred as a result of a defect of material or production. The warranty shall be prolonged by the period, during which the product was in a warranty repair, i.e. from the date of handing-over to repair till the date, when the holder of the product was called to hand-over it back.

    Upon claiming the warranty, the holder of the product is obliged to present the warranty certificate, properly filled up by the seller, and fill up the reclaim form, which is specified in our web-site This form serves for identification of the Customer and the defect, that’s why the reclaim procedure will be started after supplying all needed documents.


The warranty shall expire and is not valid for:

  • defects caused by using the product or its part for other purposes than usual purposes or in violation with the instruction manual

  • defects incurred as a result of an incorrect connection, installation, using the product or its part in violation with technical and safety norms, incorrect servicing, incompetent or inadequate manipulation, unprofessional mounting, overloading, non-observance of storing and operational conditions

  • cases of damages from outside influences, such as, for example, a mechanical damage, a damage by water, heat, aggressive materials and so on, damage caused by an irreversible event (a natural disaster, a storm, etc.), an intervention into the equipment by an unauthorized person

  • saunas and other our products or their parts, which are installed into the space of pools, provided that the customer didn’t ensure additionally ventilation of the space by air conditioning or by high-quality dehumidifiers.

The manufacturer is obliged to perform free of charge removal of reclaimed defects without delay, but at the latest till 30 days from the reclaim applied in the written form (a letter, fax-machine, e-mail).

Warning: in case of inadequate reclaims, a proper handling charge will be invoiced to the customer. In case that you are not sure with something, please contact our reclaim department on the phone number: +420 493 555 568.