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Steam bath

A steam sauna (5O°C – 100%) - A steam bath provides heated and wet bathing. It is a principle difference in comparison with the sauna. By using a steam generator, the steam bath (steam cabin) generates water steam (100% air humidity) at moderate temperature from 30 to 50°C. It creates the environment, which significantly contributes to your organism.

No matter whether it is used as an additional medication for asthma treatment or blood-supply disorder, or at regeneration of muscles after super physical loading. A steam bath has similarly useful effects for your skin. A special appearance of the steam bath can be achieved by using ceramic facing according to your choice. The most important, the same way as in case of saunas, is the alternating of hot and cold temperature. That’s why, after getting out of the steam room, you should directly cooled-down yourselves. The longer cooling intervals you have, the better effects of refreshment you get.

How does the steam bath help you?

  • helps you to get the feeling of relaxation,
  • contributes to the asthma therapy and acts positively to the upper respiratory tract,
  • accelerates regeneration of the organism,
  • your skin will be fine and smooth,
  • contributes to the rheumatism therapy.

Where can be steam baths used?

Steam baths can be used in cover swimming pools and aqua-parks, also in hotels and guest-houses, in wellness and fitness centers and last but not least in home applications for private purposes.

For whom is a steam bath suitable?

A steam bath is suitable for all who like more wet, than dry heat, who don’t tolerate high temperature in the sauna and for all who want to relax, regenerate or contribute to the therapy of the upper respiratory tract.

What benefits does a steam bath have?

  • low temperature of the steam bath itself,
  • preventive and medical effects,
  • original appearance (ceramic facing) fitted to your individual taste.

Possible accessories for a steam bath for your relaxation and luxury feeling:

As accessories, you can acquire the lighting of the steam cabin (Rainbow, star sky), massage nozzles or sound reproducers for listening professional reproduced music.

Company DYNTAR manufactures and supplies both private and professional steam cabins. These cabins are made according to all the strictest hygienic requirements, and we only use materials with the highest quality for their production. The problematics of the steam cabins is not absolutely simple, because of the aggressive environment, in which there is enormous actuation of heat and humidity. That’s why it is important to observe all working and technological procedures during construction of the steam cabin. Also a correct selection of a steam generator is very important. As a matter of course, our equipment is equipped with automatized decalcification system, which ensures a long service life of the equipment.

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