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DYNTAR Sauna & wellness

Commercial sauna cabin Dyntar

External dimensions 3600 x 3000 – 2200 mm

In the production of sauna cabins we apply the principles and recommendations of the Sauna Society Czech Republic and especially the decree nr.238 / 2011 Sb. Ministry of Health. This institution determines sanitary requirements for swimming pools, saunas and hygiene limits of sand in outdoor sandboxes in playgrounds. The decree stipulates the basic technical parameters such as a ceiling height in a sweat room, a location and dimensions of benches and so on. It also provides for the use of an overlay system that can cover a lot of different finishes. Therefore, we would like to recommend you choosing Finlandia variant, respectively POPLAR sauna (made from poplar timber) or other from ROYAL range that best fit the above regulations.

Panel construction D-SYSTEM: Each of our sauna or infra-cabin is a panel self-standing construction allowing a possible dismantling and "moving". Due to this construction a sauna is not rigidly fixed to the floor or the wall therefore there is a very small chance of causing any damage to it.

Side panel - thickness 90 mm – internal, horizontal lining decking, profile 14 or 16 mm (depending on the type of tile) with an extension pen, a vapour barrier, mineral wool, external facing decking / fibreboard, the insulating AL profile (elimination of moisture).

Ceiling panel - thickness 90 mm - internal lining decking, profile 14 or 16 mm with an extension pen, a vapour barrier, mineral wool, external facing – fibreboard.

Interior furnishing: 4 pcs of removable benches, a light unit with a cover (1pc for connecting to emergency lighting system according to valid regulations)

Door with a magnetic lock: STANDARD brand is a wooden type of door with a double glazing window or a glass type of door, can be smoke / clear glass, tempered safety glass - both without a threshold (according to valid regulations), framed in a spruce frame.

Possible extra modifications of a sauna cabin:
Colourbox in other words a light therapy. The colourbox uses the effects of the individual parts of the light spectrum and thus other bodily functions are affected through the visual receptors. (A remote control included. A total extra charge is 14,500.00 CZK).

A set of built-in speakers in other words a music therapy with properly chosen music. (A Pioneer speaker for 2360.00 CZK , A BOSE speaker for 12,000.00 CZK).

A starry sky – By using 45 pieces of LEDs you will get a very fancy lighting inside of a sauna. The light regulation ensures a smooth change of colours or the selected colour can remain the same. (Total extra charge is 22,000.00 CZK).

RAINBOW - LED rainbow light - glare-free high-tech LED coloured lights create a unique, gentle and soothing lighting moods and effects. Besides white light, the glare-free high-tech LED coloured lights can also offer bright and exotic colours of the rainbow - the entire coloured spectrum of primary colours such as red / green / blue and 8 other combinations are fixed . The 12 colours can shine individually or they can change their colour smoothly. You can dial your favourite colour which can transfer you into a mysterious season of the year. ( A total extra charge is 20,000.00 CZK).

Sauna from Dyntar, Ltd.

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Production of saunas only from the most exclusive materials

Individual approach to design, manufacturig and installation of your sauna

7 years warranty on saunas, infrared saunas and wellness equipment

Lifetime warranty on selected sauna components

Delivery and installation of saunas free of charge

Express customer servis and post-warranty servis

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By completing the inquiry form before placing your order you will get an additional discount 5% on the entire supply. Our specialist will contact you immediately to assist you with choosing a sauna of your dream.

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