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DYNTAR Sauna & wellness

Sauna manufacturing

All the products are manufactured in our own modern factory where qualified experts emphasise the accuracy and the quality not only during the manufacturing process but also during assembling too.

Distribution of products is implemented through our own sale centres with the headquarter in Vtineves and in our branches in Praque and Brno. The company also cooperates with a number of external sale representatives across the Czech Republic.

„We produce and sell the highest quality products that satisfy even the most demanding customers. We are proud to be the innovator in the field.“

In the production of sauna cabins we apply the principles and recommendations of the Sauna Society of the Czech Republic and especially the decree nr. 238/ 2011 Sb. Ministry of Health dated 10. August 2011. This institution determines sanitary requirements for swimming pools, saunas and hygiene limits of sand in outdoor sandboxes in playgrounds.

Currently there are 25 employees in total working for company Dyntar Limited. 18 employees work in manufacturing, 5 employees work in the sale department and 1 employee works in the finacial department. Finacial, commercial and manufacturing departments are controlled by individual managers.